Chasm - GOLD


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Evolution of the universe itself emerged from the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems that give way to underlying patterns and interconnectedness. The classic Greek word for Chaos meant emptiness, vast void, chasm. An evolution of our classic Rift clicker, the Chasm has a compact profile that creates a continuous symmetrical effect. Also available in 14g 12mm (1/2”) diameter, making this classic design perfect for conch piercings.

Available sizes: 
14 gauge
8mm - 5/16"
9.5mm - 3/8"
12mm - 1/2"

      Ion Plated in 18k yellow gold
      Cast in 316L Stainless Steel

      ****Limited Edition Style****

        All of our clickers are cast from 316L stainless steel, which makes our clickers tarnish proof, waterproof and won't rub off on your skin. The gold and rose gold finishes are ion plated, also known as physical vapor deposition process. This process creates a super hard, stable, and beautiful color coating. It uses no harsh chemicals, make no waste products and provides a safer working environment. PVD coatings are safe to handle, non-toxic and biocompatible. To clean your jewelry, use warm water and a mild soap, then dry your design with a clean soft cloth. Recommended for healed piercings only.

        Our original specialty is our elevated take on the classic clicker, precision cast from 316L stainless steel. It is versatile and durable, allowing hinge and clasp mechanisms to stand the test of time, while also allowing the jewelry to be infused with our unique design approach. When our stainless steel designs are high-polished to a mirror finish, they are both beautiful to behold and largely biocompatible. The care we take in choosing materials and manufacturing ensures that our clickers will remain attractive and functional for a lifetime - in fact we stand behind all of our stainless steel clickers with a limited lifetime warranty. If you find manufacturer's defects with your stainless steel clicker, please send an email to and we will get you sorted. Stainless steel clicker products must be purchased from our website with proof of purchase in order to qualify for our limited lifetime warranty. Please note that normal wear and tear over time is not covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

        We recommend using our clickers in healed piercings only.

        Precision detail in every design

        Each piece of jewelry is design and shipped from Berkeley, CA. We look forward to taking you on a journey with each piece of jewelry we create.