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Aries - Gold

Aries - Gold

Inspired by the Tibetan Kalachakra mandala. It depicts a mythic reality whereby cosmic and socio-historical events correspond to processes in the bodies of individuals. These teachings are meant to lead to a transformation of one's body and mind into perfect Buddhahood through various yogic methods.

  • Size: 10mm stud earring with standard butterfly backings
  • Cast in Responsible Jewellery Council certified recycled 925 sterling silver
  • Plated in 18K gold
  • Sold as a pair

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All of our clickers are made from surgical grade stainless steel, and are backed by our limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer's defects.


Weights & Ear Lockets
Weights & Ear Lockets

Bronze and brass jewelry will oxidize over time due to chemical reactions between the surface of the metal and the surrounding air. We recommend polishing your clicker weights with Sunshine brand polishing cloths for more heavy polishing. It will remove all oxidation and bring back the original shine.

316L Clickers & Limited Stainless Steel
316L Clickers & Limited Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doesn't oxidize, if dirty,  you can simply clean it with soap, water, and a soft brush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

Modern Hoops
Modern Hoops

Polishing with a polishing cloth will remove the gold plating. For more gentle polishing,  spot clean with a soft cloth or cotton ball saturated in rubbing alcohol or jewelry cleanser that is safe to use on gold. Do not scrub. Allow it to dry completely.