Our Commitment to Sustainability

Since we launched Tether in 2014, our mission has been to create unique, beautiful designs in the most sustainable fashion we can. All of our 14K solid threadless end gold jewelry is made of 100% recycled gold, certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council. In 2018, we transitioned all of our brass and silver jewelry to recycled materials as well, and this year we are researching how we can transition our medical grade 316L stainless steel jewelry to use recycled materials.

Our gemstones are ethically sourced, and all diamonds are sourced following the Kimberley Protocol. We spend countless hours prototyping our designs, and have scoured the world to find the best partners to help bring our ideas to life.

316L Stainless Steel


We embarked on a journey to design a line of beautiful, unique body jewelry silhouettes that won't tarnish or rust. Our intricate design approach has been carefully refined over the years, resulting in precision cast designs that are forged in 316L steel. Our line of stainless steel clickers are made from surgical grade stainless steel, and are backed by our limited lifetime warranty for manufacturer's defects.

14K Solid Gold Collection


We design threadless ends and other piercing adornments using 100% Responsible Jewelry Council certified recycled gold. That means our gold designs are made with the highest level of environmental, ethical and quality accountability.

Diamonds and Gemstones


We offer a carefully curated selection of genuine diamonds and natural gemstones that are mined and cut ethically and have minimal impact on the environment. All of our diamonds are sourced following the Kimberley Process, and we only design using VS2-grade genuine stones.

Recycled silver and brass


By using recycled materials, we're reducing the waste and the enormous amount of energy and waste that goes into producing and mining raw metal.

60 - Day Returns

We accept returns on unworn jewelry in its original sealed packaging for up to 60 days after the date of original purchase.

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Award Winning Design

Each and every single design is carefully considered and engineered to the highest degree of craft.

Dedicated Service

Say hello or send us a message at info@tetherjewelry.com with any or your questions.