Neo - 14K YELLOW - White Topaz


Drawing inspiration from a timeless cyberpunk trilogy, the Neo design pays homage to the classic hexagram - a compound figure comprised of two equilateral triangles. Originally used in religious and cultural contexts, the hexagram shape has a rich history, thought to have originated in cosmological diagrams in Buddhism and subsequently adopted by Hindus, Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. This versatile symbol carries with it a multitude of meanings and uses, and our Neo design celebrates its enduring significance with style and sophistication.

  • Dimensions - 3.5mm
  • Gems - 3x 1mm White Topaz
  • Cast in solid 14K yellow gold
  • Steel Universal Pin

*** Limited Quantities Available to Ship***

Please note - Due to the nature of genuine stones, color will vary. We will do our best to match gemstones with this in mind.

All of our threadless ends are hand made with 100% certified recycled 14K gold. We only source nickel-free gold, and make each piece with world-class craftsmanship and artistry. Every design is assembled with US-made ASTM F-138 steel universal pins. Our unique pin construction makes for one of the most durable yet refined designs in the industry.

We design threadless ends and other piercing adornments using 100% Responsible Jewelry Council certified nickel-free 14K recycled gold. That means our gold designs are made with the highest level of environmental, ethical and quality accountability.

We offer a carefully curated selection of diamonds and gemstones that are mined and cut ethically, have minimal impact on the environment, or are created in a sustainable way. All of our diamonds are sourced following the Kimberley Process, and we only design using natural, untreated stones.

To clean your threadless end jewelry, soak thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap. Use a non-abrasive soft brush to gently brush the surface, dry with a soft cloth.

As our threadless ends are only sold through our certified Partner Piercing Studios, and all returns must be processed by where you purchased your design according to the studio's respective return policy. Please reach out to your studio so they may hygienically clean and assess how we can best process your return.

Precision detail in every design

Each piece of jewelry is design and shipped from Berkeley, CA. We look forward to taking you on a journey with each piece of jewelry we create.