Clicker Talk: Slims vs Regs

Clicker Talk: Slims vs Regs

Posted by Jared Karnes on

Tether's flagship clicker line has been a favorite of both studios and clients for many years. We've released a wide array of pieces in different styles to suit any personal aesthetic, and a fit detail for comfort and the right look is the thickness of clickers from front to back.

Tether designs jewelry that can stand alone or play nicely as part of a suite. From pieces where the body is nearly as thin or thinner than the wearing surface to bold statement pieces, we make jewelry with fit, comfort, and synergy in mind. Let's dive in and explore these styles.

Maximum Impact: Our Regular Clickers


Our Windrose clicker features a tapered thickness that is widest toward the bottom. Both clicker diameters have 4.7mm height from rear to front, pushing the first level of detail forward, while the outer edge takes full advantage of extra space for visuals. Beautiful alternating polished lines and textured areas adorn the sidewalls. This lower area is often shadowed when viewed head-on but explodes with light play while moving and viewed from other angles.


Flux is a unique multi-thickness clicker that is widest just below the hinge (4.8mm), tapering slightly at the middle (3.7mm) and gaining slight thickness toward the bottom edge (4mm). The line and texture details are similar in style to Windrose above, but the body of this piece is much more angular.


Our Lattice clicker shows a combination of curves and flats with domed faces rising to 5.3mm below the wearing space. Detailed line work and texture similar to Windrose and Flux accent a flat high-polish side edge that catches the light with movement.


The Penrose clicker utilizes 4.5mm of thickness to showcase an impossible number of angles with faces showing polished lines and lower texture. These unique pieces display forward-facing light play with heavily detailed sides stealing the show.


Our Tharsis clicker has a fixed 4mm thickness across the piece with five panels of detail divided by polished line-work. The depth and many faces of this piece catch a lot of light with movement.


The Phoenix clicker shows delicate incised lines shooting across a dual-angle body. The shape of this piece is similar to Windrose; both rise to display a forward-facing flat area of detail atop sloping sidewalls. This 4mm tall clicker's minimal high-polish surface shines dramatically from afar.


Our fan-favorite minimalist Archive clicker has a combination of soft and hard edges and slight thickness variations, allowing the high-polish 3.7mm thick form to glow from every angle.

Slim & Stackable

Our slim clicker collection is perfect for those looking for a less bold single-piece option, as well as combining multiple pieces to create a stacked statement piercing. These pieces have a uniform thickness from top to bottom or are thicker at the hinge for rigidity and taper smaller toward the end. This keeps the visual impact more subtle, allows predictable stacking, and increases versatility for use in daith piercings and other creative projects.


The Starchild clicker utilizes negative space to create a big look in a small package. Measuring 2.4mm at the hinge sides, this piece tapers to a very thin 0.5mm at the outside, creating a knife-edge profile and allowing maximum light to shine through.


Our Prophet clicker has a flat wedge-shaped body that is 2.5mm at the hinge support and 1mm thickness at the bottom point. All sides are flat, creating a striking high-polished tapering view from top to bottom.


Quin is a flat, slightly tapered clicker with a light-catching line and dot detail on the front face. A 2.5mm thickness at the hinge sides thins to 1.5mm at the bottom, making for a broad but delicate piece perfect for stacks.


The Janus clicker is a flat 2mm thick, gently tapered piece like Quin, but it's more angular and pointed at the bottom. An incised line detail adorns the faces while the high-polish edges are flat for maximum reflection.

Hydra and Opus

Our Hydra and Opus clickers share similar aesthetic and dimensions, starting at 2.4mm by the hinge and tapering to between 1.5 and 2mm at the bottom. Both showcase a scroll-type detail wrapping around the exterior; Opus has a pointed bottom while Hydra is curvy. Both have a wonderful three-dimensional look despite being flat.


The Arrow clicker has an angular, slightly tapered body perforated by six polygonal voids surrounded by thin line detail. The 2mm maximum thickness and hollow body make for a very minimal, airy piece that relies on shadow rather than reflection for impact.


The minimalist Halo clicker's high polish sides and faces adorned with a simple line detail accomplish maximum shine from a mere 1.8mm of material thickness.

Decor for every body

Whether your goal is a statement septum piece, a minimalist accent in pierced lobes, or a mega-stack of clickers through upper ear cartilage, Tether's forward-thinking design sense ensures there's an option for every anatomy and aesthetic. Click here to shop our full line of clickers, or check out specifically Slims here.

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