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A Detailed Look at Tether's Solid Gold Threadless Ends

Posted by Jared Karnes on

Since releasing our first solid gold threadless ends, we've committed to creating the highest quality, safest, most innovative designs possible for our Partner Studios. Retail clients adore our aesthetic, and each piece has the quality construction and ethical materials you expect from today's leading body jewelry.

tether solid gold threadless ends

Tether casts our gold threadless ends from pure recycled gold alloys because we believe it's unethical to create new precious-metal mining demand for body adornments. Our 14k solid rose, yellow, and white gold follow recycled material standards set forth by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

All Tether natural diamonds are conflict-free and conform to the guidelines of the Kimberley Process. Our jewelers only work with verifiable stone sellers who provide proof of their commitment in writing and will not work with intermediaries.

tether gold threadless ends backs

Our threadless end construction consists of quality gold casts paired with precision machined and laser welded ASTM-F138 implant-grade steel pins. The backs of our threadless ends are immaculate, and our Partner Studio piercers love the rigidity and ease of tightening our pins during installation.

a variety of solid gold tether threadless ends

Tether's unique aesthetic combines science and sci-fi, architecture, machine theory, and mythology to create jewelry that blends seamlessly into any client's style. Shop our solid 14k gold threadless for your studio here, and be sure to double check the in-stock gold page for pieces that can ship this week.


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