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Modern Identity: Curating Delight with Tether Accessories

Posted by Jared Karnes on

Tether recognizes that Partner Studio clients are on-site, engaged, and willing to spend on body decoration beyond what fits their latest piercing. We've worked to create a line that increases sales by marketing standard earrings, ear cuffs, chains, bolo ties, and other non-piercing accessories hand in hand with jewelry for the modified body. Matching metals and styling allow all our pieces to display and wear seamlessly and make upselling and impulse purchases a breeze.

The Tether Modern line can increase sales per customer during your curations regardless of whether your studio is fully open or you are appointment-based without the benefit of a walk-in crowd. Molly Bennett of Partner Studio Identity Body Piercing in Chicago, USA uses Tether accessories to elevate their jewelry curation service by completing a look rather than focusing on piercing jewelry alone.

Molly explains, "We love having Tether Modern accessories on hand since we do so many curations at our studio. It expands our curations even further to fully accessorize rather than just focus on the ears."

We adore the creativity at Identity, and this is also smart marketing. Being active in displaying, talking about, and wearing combinations of jewelry makes it easier for your customer to fall in love with a look and increase their overall spending. These additional purchases can add up, significantly increasing your value per customer. Also, accessories styled with pierced jewelry become another talking point for your client as they share their experience of your studio with others, allowing your business to stand out.

Those customers also have friends and family! If you have an open-hours shop or allow guests with your appointment clients, there are always potential customers who aren’t getting pierced. Our Tether Modern line can help you turn these guests into customers. The crew at Identity is doing a wonderful job of this:

"We have lots of guests that bring friends for moral support that aren’t getting pierced but still have a ton of fun browsing jewelry. We love having ear cuffs for parents to have an outlet for their kiddo if they aren’t ready yet for actual piercings.”


Safety is paramount as a body adornment studio, and this should be reflected in the quality of non-body jewelry inventory as well. Tether has knowledge of material safety and design for the body that our generic fashion competitors simply can’t touch. We design for safety and comfort using high-quality materials like solid 316L stainless steel and rich recycled gold and silver ion-plating to create chains that exude sophistication and detail. Styles including our hoops and petite earrings are created from eco-conscious 100% recycled brass with recycled gold and silver ion-plating and .925 sterling silver ear wires.


Our unique aesthetic celebrates all identities and we view this as a strength and a sales asset. Tether creates jewelry that helps fulfill the most authentic expression of creativity: creativity of self. There are no limits to the way our work can be worn or who can wear it, and we highly encourage mixing, matching, stacking, combining, and generally going for it.

Bringing Modern to your Studio

Tether Modern accessories are in-stock and available to purchase through your wholesale account on our website. The line consists of chains and bolo ties, earrings in the form of hoops and studs, finger rings, and non-piercing ear cuffs. Most items are available in multiple finishes that match across styles for effortless curation.

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