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Introducing Tether Modern

Posted by Sherry Wan on


Born from the cosmic stardust of Tether, Tether Modern is a natural evolution as we traverse a new age of contemporary design exploration. Tether Modern is the exploration into more standard piercings, created to reflect the change and movement we experience in modern life.

Taking design inspiration from the modern world around us, we have created a new line of jewelry designs focused on the everyday wear to include hoops, finger rings, ear studs and ear cuffs. Our designs are modern yet elegant, creating timeless pieces that are suitable for all lovers of adornments. 

With the new year, we hope to bring a fresh new cosmic touch to your fashion style, and to bring a sense of renewed genesis and rebirth to you. 

The Hypnos Modern Ring 


 Una Chain Cuff and Sirius Modern Stud


The Estelle Modern Hoop and the Tria Ear Cuff

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