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Who We Are: Tether’s Story

Posted by Phoebe Dowling on

Welcome to the Tether family! We wanted to take some time to introduce ourselves and fill you in the story behind our designs. Tether was created in 2014 by founder Paul Shinichi as an experiment to peek into a future unknown, using innovative designs inspired by a passion for machines, science fiction, and architecture. With each piece of jewelry, we hope to take you on a journey into a different future, another reality.

Our original specialty is our elevated take on the classic clicker, precision cast from 316L stainless steel. We love 316L steel as our preferred material because it is versatile and durable, allowing hinge and clasp mechanisms to stand the test of time, while also allowing the jewelry to be infused with our unique design approach. When our naked stainless steel designs are high-polished to a mirror finish, they are both beautiful to behold and largely biocompatible. The care we take in choosing materials and manufacturing ensures that our clickers will remain attractive and functional for a lifetime - in fact we stand behind all of our stainless steel clickers with a limited lifetime warranty. Tether strives to offer the best quality product we are capable of producing, and we are on a continuous mission to improve our processes as new possibilities arise. 

In addition to our revolutionary clickers, Tether is host to an ever-evolving assortment of other jewelry designs and styles including earrings for both stretched and non-stretched earlobes, finger rings, necklaces (coming soon), and threadless ends for various ear or facial piercings (available only through one of our Stockists!

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