Mimas - Rose


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Color ROSE
Mimas is the innermost of Saturn’s major moons. It is small in size, made up mostly of water ice, and covered in impact craters of various sizes. Mimas’s apparent lack of internal heat as compared to other nearby moons perplexes scientists, and a reputable theory to explain the paradox has not yet been found. The moon is named for a Greek mythological character of the same name, a Giant killed in the Titans’ battle with the Olympian gods. This hammered disk design features a texture evocative of the appearance of the crater-covered moon.
  • Size: 8mm stud earrings with standard butterfly backings
  • Cast in Responsible Jewellery Council certified recycled 925 sterling silver
  • Plated in 18K rose gold
  • Sold as a pair

*****Limited Edition****

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