What's New in the Tether Jewelry 2019 Metamorphic Collection

What's New in the Tether Jewelry 2019 Metamorphic Collection

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Shown above the Vita Slim Clicker in Gold and Rose Gold

Our 2019 collection features two additions to our body piercing jewelry collection - Slim Clickers and 14K Solid Gold Threadless Ends.

Slim Clickers

Tether Jewelry 2019 Collection Halo
The Halo Slim Clicker in Obsidian and Naked
We created a line of slim clickers based on our conversations and feedback from some of our top studios and shops. We designed a line of clickers that are lightweight and minimal, which can be easily stacked and complemented with any of our larger septum piercing pieces. All four designs are cast in solid 316L stainless steel, which we do to create long-lasting adornment pieces. Our clickers continue to be offered in both 8mm and 9.5mm sizes, which allow for both a bolder and a more refined style suitable for all wearers. 
Tether Jewelry Janus Septum Slim Clicker for Piercings
The Janus Slim Clicker in Naked, Gold and Rose Gold
Tether Jewelry Slim Clicker Hydra for Septum Piercings
The Hydra Slim Clicker in Obsidian, Gold and Rose Gold in 8mm & 9.5mm
All slim septum clicker designs are inspired by real and mythical characters and objects that have defined change or inspired transformation. While there are so many inspirational characters and ideas in this universe, we hoped to capture what we felt were seminal icons. We hope to continue to learn and share knowledge around the heroes and pioneers who have and will continue to influence our design work.

Threadless Ends

As we continue to build out our collection, we have added a limited line of threadless end designs. Cast in solid 14 karat gold, our implant grade ASTM F-138 steel universal pin components are manufactured by Intrinsic Body Jewelry in San Francisco, CA. 
Inspired by the cosmos and the Unknown, the Aster collection is based on the multitude of stars we see when we look up at the Universe. With each piece is a different rendition of a star, crafted to reflect light with its faceted edges and sides. While this is our first foray into threadless ends, we would love to hear your feedback on what direction you'd like to see us explore more of. Each design comes is available in 14K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and Palladium based nickel free White Gold with universal pin. Suitable for nostril piercings, tragus piercings, labret piercings and other body piercings.
 Aster 00 in 14K Solid Rose Gold
Aster 05 in 14K Solid White Gold
Aster 04 in 14K Solid Gold
Aster 08 in 14K Solid Rose Gold

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